Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prop 2


As healthy-minded, concientious people, I encourage those of you who live in CA to vote YES on Prop 2. The proposition is a step toward improving the treatment of animals by requiring more space in currently crammed cages. (Most animals can't even stand up in their cages.)

By voting yes, cruelty to animals will be reduced, improving consumers' peace of mind. We will be consuming healthier foods produced by these animals, with lowered risk of disease. And we will be supporting local farmers. All of this costs less than 1 penny more per egg...we can afford to do this!

Please, if you love animals and you care about their well-being and our own, vote yes yes yes on prop 2! Thank you.


Brandy said...

I will be voting YES on prop 2!!! :)

Dana Lee said...

Way to go August! For sure YES YES YES on prop 2!!
(I have four rabbits next to me that want to vote yes too!) ;)

August said...

Thanks, Ladies! (Dana - I want to meet your bunnies!!!)