Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Moderitarianism...a phrase I coined last year amidst a group of recovering food and diet addicts. What is it? A movement that, though seemingly basic, does not exist.

My great aunt lived 100 years, creditting her longevity to eating "a little bit of everything." Granted, I'm a huge advocate of healthy foods. (When my great aunt was a child, few processed foods even existed...) So eat the healthiest foods you can, most of the time. All things in moderation. Variety is not only the 'spice of life,' it is key to attaining the variety of nutrients our bodies need, providing for optimal wellness.

Moderitarianism seems a notion we should incorporate in all aspects of our and eating included.


Riegels said...

August, you are right and you said it well.

Restriction and "healthy eating" are the mantras of so many schools, yet they reinforce the wrong message. Balance, or variety as you say, is the key, and it is appropriate for everyone: those who are overweight, those who are underweight and those who are struggling with eating disorders.

Thank you for this blog and for helping those who struggle.


Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Hey girl welcome to blogging.. I look forward to reading your stuff. Come follow my blog and see the life of a mommy/model/actress too.

Look great as always, so good to hear from you.

I just signed me and my baby girl up for mommy and me pilates. I have never done pilates before so I am looking forward to it. I am sure I will have some healthy eating questions for you for I am not all that smart when it comes to the knowledge of that stuff.