Monday, September 28, 2009

Crystal Renn -- Plus Size Supermodel and Survivor of Anorexia

I read about Crystal Renn this morning, one of UK's proclaimed supermodels who's come out with a memoir called, Hungry. The title comes from more than the severe eating disorder she worked her way through while pursuing a career as a "normal size" model; it speaks of her hunger for self acceptance and confidence. Once her body healed from the anorexia that wreaked havoc on it, her until then unknown modeling career flourished. She's a model who eats, which is a sad, sad oxy-moron in my opinion.

Many reviewers of her book and story are shouting praise of a woman's ability to be "big and beautiful." I prefer to take away a greater message, which speaks of embracing who you are, as as you -- knowing that that is where breathtaking, contagious loveliness comes from.

Since there are many books with negative influence on the market today regarding food, weight and body image, Renn's deserves acclaim. It's about time known celebrities, like Renn and a handful of others, shared healthy images, ideals and philosophies. I hope many women and men alike open their hearts and ears to Crystal Renn!