Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Talk Fat Week

If we all had a dime for every time a friend, family member or ourselves "talked fat...." What do you say, the end to the recession?? Quite possibly. :) I know from personal experience how tough it can be to turn negative self talk around, but it's well worth the efforts.

Tri-Delta is sponsoring National Friends Don't Let Friends Talk Fat Week and it's going on right now! Whether you partake for a day, a few hours or the entire week, it's bound to be a powerful thing in your life and those you speak to about it. The idea is simple -- aim to cut down on your own "fat talk" and/or call others out on theirs.

Lots more information and suggestions on ways to participate can be found at: Would love to hear your thoughts on this campaign...and those of you who are courageous and/or spectacular enough to try it, please share your experiences!

Lots of love and health and happiness always...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Extended for tne New Year...Post Your ?'s!

'Healthy Diet' shouldn't be an oxy-moron, yet, sadly, often in today's society, it is. How do we sort fad from fiction? It's not easy when the diet industry profits over $50 billion per year -- a number that's on the rise even amidst our country's recession (yipes!). That's why I created this blog: a healthy, happy place to talk about food, nutrition, fitness and our bodies -- without any goofy, trendy, fad-diet hype.

Since one of my goals is to serve as a resource to those who care about the world around them as well as their place in it, and since self-care and nourishment are essential toward sending positive vibes into and swirling about the universe, I've decided to partner with the
I Am That Girl community, who's mission is "to inspire authentic confidence in girls and women everywhere so that they in turn, can positively and significantly impact the world around them." (How beautiful is that?!)

As part of an upcoming special feature I'll be answering IATG staff members' questions. (Fans' and readers' questions are welcome, too!) Top picks will be answered in a "How That Girl Eats" article...Keep an eye on HNT and I Am That Girl for updates!

To get involved, post your nutrition question as a comment after this post by January 7th. Nothing's off limits, so please ask whatever's on your mind! (Or, shall I say, in your stomach...?)
Take care and enjoy your day. Looking forward to hearing from you IATG staff, fans and readers soon!

Best of health,

PS If you're not yet involved with IATG check them out at Then feel free to ask and post away...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What to Eat Before Working Out

Several of you have asked this question and for good reason! The last thing you want is hunger or stomach cramps mid-way through your warm-up. On top of that, food is fuel. Particularly if you're about to workout intensely (ie, boot camp) you want the best kind of fuel to stoke your workout.

First important point: Most of the energy used while you exercise doesn't come from what you just ate -- it comes from carbohydrates (glucose) already stored in your body, which is plenty for a 1 - 2 hour workout. Thus, an overall healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and complex carbs is key.

Your body and appetite is your best guide as far as what, if and how much to eat before working out. I, for one, prefer not to exercise on an empty stomach. If you workout in the morning and are generally a "wake up and eat breakfast" type person, you'll probably want to nibble on something. Since you've just been fasting (sleeping), you'll fare best from a snack or small meal. If you workout later in the day, use your best judgment.

Best pre-workout food is something small to moderate in size and that is easily or quickly digestable. Here are some great choices:

30 - 60 Minutes Pre-Workout:
Fresh fruit, any variety
Pure fruit juice or smoothie
Healthy homemade or store-bought protein bar

1 - 2 hours Pre-Workout (optimal for most people!):
Yogurt and fresh fruit
Whole grain cereal (w/at least 3 grams of fiber)
Hummus and fresh cut veggies
Whole grain toast or English muffin w/nut butter or turkey slices
Healthy homemade or store-bought protein bar.

A few added pointers:

Do not starve yourself! If you're hungry before working out you will harm yourself.

Drink plenty of water throughout each day.

Consume a balanced meal or snack every 3 - 5 hours throughout each day.

Keep healthy snacks in your car for times you're running late or stuck in traffic before workouts.

Choose foods you enjoy! Listen to your body and work with it, not against it. If you're working out you want your body to be properly fueled and ready to go!

Questions about your pre-workout snack? Post it as a comment and I'll respond. Have a happy, healthy weekend!

Image courtesy of Team Sugar.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Magazine Swaps Real Women for Models...

Cool news! German's most popular fashion magazine, BRIGITTE, announced this week that they'll feature "real women" in their photos rather than bone-thin models, as a way to disband the unhealthy ideals underweight and photo shopped images present.

(This has apparently been in the works for some time, but the process moved more rapidly after Brazillian model, Ana Carolina Reston, died of anorexia recently. (So sad!))

A few fashion pro's (modeling agents and the like) have expressed their concern that this move is a bash against the modeling profession and are hoping the ban doesn't last long. I 100% disagree and hope not only that the ban continues, but spreads! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, from the naturally thin to the heavy set and every variation in between. A healthy, happily spirited person is gorgeous, regardless of what she/he looks like.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! If more people get stoked over this, who knows what kind of difference it could make??? Post a comment if you feel so moved...

PS This story presents a great opportunity to talk to your young ones (children, sisters, nieces, friends) about real beauty and the unrealistic ideals many magazines represent...