Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh My Blog!

Yes, I’ve hopped on the virtual band wagon as an official, up-and-coming blog-stress. And, like a woman posting a personal ad in the Times, I’ve never done anything like this before! (Only I actually mean it….)

While preparing for a nutrition class I teach each week, I Google-searched the words, diet, healthy and nutrition. A plethora of fad diets, popular pills and so-called “lifestyle programs” popped up. This search reminded me of my initial steps into the nutrition world, when I was simply to learn about basic, healthy eating. (When did healthy and diet become oxymorons?? I'll go into that in another blog-isode...) I had been modeling for several years and was living in Paris. At the top of my fashion career to date, I was at the bottom of my wellness spectrum.. (Modeling and nutrition…another unfortunate oxymoron.) The more I learned about wellness, the less I cared about fashion. But getting to that healthy place was excruciating to say the least.

My quest for answers to seemingly basic answers lead me down a road of confusion, mixed messages and utterly frustrating advice. High-carb, high-protein, low-fat, only-fat, sugar-dense and sugar-free…Slim Fast, The Grapefruit Diet, The Rice Cake Diet, the Ice Cream Diet, The Zone, Weight Watchers, Metabolife, Herbalife, Jenny Craig, Ediets, Protein Power, Sugar Busters… the list goes on and on. After countless sleepless nights, headaches, failed attempts at various diets (some previously listed) and, yes, therapy, I ended up with a healthy lifestyle I’m pleased with (Ok, obsessed and ecstatic about), several certifications in nutrition and fitness and my own nutrition business. (Ever so subtle plug:

One of the first thing people ask me when they hear of my nutrition business is this: “What do you sell?” They want a pill or a box filled with the quick-fix answers that only exist in our dreams. They then ask: “What shouldn’t I eat?” No surprise here, since the diet industry is, like much of our modern world, fear-based and places little emphasis on personal capability to live, eat and breathe happily and healthfully with out extra (and costly) bells and whistles.

This website and blog is free and designed for people who struggle as I did for 2 decades of my life with the burning and basic question we are faced with daily: What should I eat??? Ask away, and ask me anything. I will answer your questions honestly, without persuasion from diet-pill or protein shake sponsors and when I have doubts or questions, I will dig deeply to find the answers for you as well as for me. In short, I this site is the resource I wish I would’ve had all along.

Best of luck and best of health. Welcome to the HNT family!

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to... EAT!


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