Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy, Healthy Halloween!

It is the eve of Halloween...the day that once honored those who've passed and now consists of costumes, candy and more candy. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the holiday and hang on to your health!

- If you end up with stockpiles of Halloween candy, keep a few favorites (if you wish) and donate the rest to the homeless. (They need the glucose more than we do...) I make an annual run, to if you're in the LA area, I'll be happy to distribute for you.

- Chop up pieces of candy and mix them into a healthy, whole grain cookie dough. Each dose of refined sugar will be small and every bite will contain fiber, protein and whole grains! Better yet, use green food coloring and call them Monster Cookies!

- Give small toys or healthier treats, such as apples or granola bars, to Trick-or-Treaters. (Studies show that kids enjoy toys just as much as candy!)

- Don't deprive yourself. If you love candy, have a few pieces. But limit your intake and don't keep mass quantities around to tempt your sweet teeth.

- Create your own healthy concoctions to enjoy sweets in healthier ways... (Recipes up-coming...!)

- Enjoy non-sweets related Halloween activities, such as scary movies (I can't get enough of these!), ghost stories (yikes!), haunted hayrides (I can't even go there...), costume watching or dressing up yourself. Boogie to spooky music -- you'll get a work out and have a blast doing it! HAVE FUN!

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