Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Extended for tne New Year...Post Your ?'s!

'Healthy Diet' shouldn't be an oxy-moron, yet, sadly, often in today's society, it is. How do we sort fad from fiction? It's not easy when the diet industry profits over $50 billion per year -- a number that's on the rise even amidst our country's recession (yipes!). That's why I created this blog: a healthy, happy place to talk about food, nutrition, fitness and our bodies -- without any goofy, trendy, fad-diet hype.

Since one of my goals is to serve as a resource to those who care about the world around them as well as their place in it, and since self-care and nourishment are essential toward sending positive vibes into and swirling about the universe, I've decided to partner with the
I Am That Girl community, who's mission is "to inspire authentic confidence in girls and women everywhere so that they in turn, can positively and significantly impact the world around them." (How beautiful is that?!)

As part of an upcoming special feature I'll be answering IATG staff members' questions. (Fans' and readers' questions are welcome, too!) Top picks will be answered in a "How That Girl Eats" article...Keep an eye on HNT and I Am That Girl for updates!

To get involved, post your nutrition question as a comment after this post by January 7th. Nothing's off limits, so please ask whatever's on your mind! (Or, shall I say, in your stomach...?)
Take care and enjoy your day. Looking forward to hearing from you IATG staff, fans and readers soon!

Best of health,

PS If you're not yet involved with IATG check them out at http://www.iamthatgirl.com/. Then feel free to ask and post away...


Alexis said...

Is stevia (the natural sweetener from Whole Foods) good for you or another product we shouldn't be putting in our bodies? Is there really anything wrong with eating real sugar?

Alexis said...

What are the top 5 foods that flat our aren't worth it and we should stay away from? Any things that are a MUST not eat!?

August said...

Great questions! I, for one, love stevia. It's a plant and offers helpful antioxidants (none of the questionable chemicals that are in other non-caloric sweeteners). I'll go more into the pros/cons in an article soon, but if you're drawn to stevia, I say try it!

As for sugar, no -- nothing wrong with enjoying it in moderation. It doesn't offer nutrients, but it tastes good! ;) Up to 10% of your calories can come from sugar...

Emily said...

What's the deal with separating protein and carbs? And if it's true that we should do that, what kind of carbs are we talking? I understand breads and such, but aren't vegetables carbs? What about sweet potato?

August said...

Hi Emily,
Good question...Unless you have a digestive disorder our bodies can digest most all carbs, protein and all food groups whether consumed alone or together. Many healthy foods have various nutrients -- whole grains contain protein, even broccoli contains protein. Dairy products and beans are good sources of protein as well as fiber and carbohydrates. So eat up and be merry. :) I'll explain more in an upcoming IATG article. Thanks for your question! August