Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends Talk Fat Week

If we all had a dime for every time a friend, family member or ourselves "talked fat...." What do you say, the end to the recession?? Quite possibly. :) I know from personal experience how tough it can be to turn negative self talk around, but it's well worth the efforts.

Tri-Delta is sponsoring National Friends Don't Let Friends Talk Fat Week and it's going on right now! Whether you partake for a day, a few hours or the entire week, it's bound to be a powerful thing in your life and those you speak to about it. The idea is simple -- aim to cut down on your own "fat talk" and/or call others out on theirs.

Lots more information and suggestions on ways to participate can be found at: Would love to hear your thoughts on this campaign...and those of you who are courageous and/or spectacular enough to try it, please share your experiences!

Lots of love and health and happiness always...


Lynn Vannucci said...

We all do do this, don't we? Your post was a whack on the side of the head: don't talk about it, DO something about it.

Anonymous said...

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August said...

Thank you, Lynn! And you're right -- we all have room to improve as well as the means... :)